Rancho Las Lomas Wedding Venue - Your Secret Garden Wedding in Orange County

Rancho Las Lomas is a premier private resort and zoological garden. As you enter the property, you immediately realize you are surrounded by orange groves and flowering shrubs. You feel  as if you've stepped out of the concrete jungle and into an oasis.

The Grand Salon: The Perfect Room for Your Intimate Wedding

Our NPD Event’s wedding planners have had many opportunities to visit Rancho Las Lomas for various events. Rancho Las Lomas wedding venue is nestled in the foothills of southern Orange County in the town of Silverado Canyon. During our most recent visit we were greeted by Sarah. Our tour began at the Grand Salon, which features a cozy stone fireplace, stained glass windows, exposed beamed ceilings, lined terracotta floors, and countless french doors that open to  a dramatic tiled fountain. This Grand Salon offers a very intimate private setting. This is the perfect room for a smaller more intimate affair. This beautiful space accommodates up to 200 guests.

Cozy fireplace, terracotta floors and french doors. 

Hand Painted tile work view from the Grand Salon.

Are You Dreaming of that Open Air Wedding?

The views from the Grand Salon give you a glimpse of  just how spectacular this place really is. As you look down from the Grand Salon, you are surrounded by nature and you get a peek of El Teatro (the Theater) tucked away under ancient oak and sycamore trees. As we made our way to this spectacular part of the tour, we crossed a terracotta walkway surrounded by oak and sycamore trees that led the way to the main attraction -- The open air theater.

Birdseye view of the spectacular El Teatro.

El Teatro. I DO.

The open air theater is lined with marble floors, white and blue hand painted tiles, murals from Portugal, and is surrounded by beautiful botanical gardens making this the perfect place to say "I Do." If you are looking for a private outdoor wedding reception, this place is perfect for you. It can  accommodate more than 375 guests. The cozy Casa Bonita next door is the perfect bridal suite. It features full length mirrors, a makeup area, as well as a parlor with a fireplace, which makes for dramatic pre-ceremony pictures. You and your bridesmaids might not want to leave.

Caza Bonita, it's like your very own private house. 

Picture Perfect Outdoor Setting for Your Dramatic Entrance

As you make your way back up the cobblestone driveway to the Hacienda style buildings, you come across La Terraza. This is Rancho Las Lomas’ newest space, which is large enough to host events ranging from weddings to concerts. Picture yourself descending a grand rustic wooden staircase surrounded by California Oak, sycamore trees, and an abundance of flourishing plants and glowing candles. This makes for grand picture perfect portraits.

La Terraza. Breath taking photo opt. spot.

Your guests can take strolls through the enchanted botanical grounds throughout the evening and explore the blossoming foliage, the abundance of hand-painted tiles, and view large ornamental birdcages, which house a collection of rare tropical birds and various exotic animals, such as zebras and tigers.

Picture perfect spots throughout the estate. This is a photo booth for you and your guests to enjoy.

Every detail of this venue was handpicked to perfection. When you finish your tour of this enchanting venue, you will understand why this may be the perfect location for your special day.

Terracotta bridge, hand painted tiles.

Carlos and Nayra at the end of our tour.

Let’s take a stroll through this magical setting and start imagining your wedding here. Contact us at 949.379.0632 or info@npdevents.com