There aren't enough words in the entire world to adequately describe how much love I have for NPD!!!!

My husband and I got married at Coyote Hills Golf Course where they are a preferred vendor. We went to the wedding show and I INSTANTLY fell in love with their style! I walked away telling my husband "I WANT THAT ONE"!

From there, it was an absolutely amazing experience. I was on a pretty tight budget because I'm cheap, but they were so amazing with working with it!!! Carlos also became my go to for any wedding questions especially with suggestions for the venue and I'm SO GLAD I listened to him!!!

I felt so comfortable with him that I left him with all creative liberties for the wedding! BEST DECISION I EVER MADE!!!! Our wedding was above and beyond anything and everything we could have ever imagined. The space is beautiful, but the way the flowers were done made it so elegant and unique. My photographer who has shot the space before, was in tears because she'd never seen it look so beautiful and to this day my entire family is still in disbelief at how beautiful it all was!

More than just making my wedding amazing, without a doubt, the best part was working with NPD. It felt like I was talking to a good friend the entire time, filled with laughs, joy, and an honest opinion. Carlos made me feel soooo at ease about getting everything ready for the wedding, and made the whole process extremely fun - which was really hard to do a lot of the time lol.

Basically, my husband and I recommend them to everyone and we promise no one will regret booking them for any event in your life!!!