Our Mission

Since we founded NPD Events in 2012, our mission has been to provide couples like you with exceptional weddings that are tailored to your vision. We take a consultative approach to get to know our clients on a personal level. Our work ethic, determination, and experience take the weight off of your shoulders, so you can enjoy the progression of your dream wedding while we do what we do best.  Since your wedding will tell your story, we need to get to know both of your characters in order be able to represent your journey of love through the details of your special day.

Creative Team

Two minds, One team


Meet Nayra, Event Stylist & Floral Designer:

For as long as I can remember, I have always been instinctively drawn to colors and textures. I automatically reconfigure designs in my mind.  This natural talent in design was refined during my tenure in design school where, after taking a full course load while working full-time, I earned my Bachelor of Science in Interior Design. My design skills cater to my clients’ specific event styling needs.

After receiving my bachelor’s degree, my best friend and business partner, Carlos Cortez, enhanced my knowledge of floral design. I learned about the variety of flowers, their peak season, and what works well together. I left my comfort zone and invented new looks by creating centerpieces that incorporate various textures, colors, and sizes. I like to take a simple elegance approach that harmonizes all of the details while creating an astonishing and fluid design.  

My Commitment to You:

Weddings should tell a story. This is your day to shine in the spotlight and to celebrate your love and commitment. At NPD Events, every last detail is hand-picked to bring out your unique personality and to tell your story.  Your wedding will be distinctively sculpted to inspire your guests and to leave you with a lasting impression.

As part of my commitment to you, I will:

1. Always listen to what your needs and wants are;

2. Continuously adapt to your requirements;

3. Work hard on every detail to make you happy;

4. Provide concise and regular communication throughout the development of your special day;


5. Deliver in the most spectacular way possible.

Meet Carlos, Event Stylist and Floral Designer

My design style is ever-changing like the seasons. I do have a set background to the ever elaborate Baroque period, but I like to think outside of the box. The flowers that we most often use are hydrangeas, peonies, garden roses, and orchids. However, we are capable of putting together arrangements with any flower that you would like.

Growing up, I learned that there is only one way to make yourself a success: You work hard. You never give up until you know you have given it your all. You do everything you can to make people happy. I have always lived by that simple philosophy. I knew that I would make the decision to open my own business someday. When I made that decision a few years ago, I knew that I would succeed if I gave it my all to make my customers very happy.

Flowers Can Make Anyone’s Life Happier

Flowers became a very important part of my life at a very young age. My parents always had a variety of flowers throughout the house. They seemed to have a “magnetic pull” on me. As a child, I would stop by the local flower shop and pick up a rose or carnation for my mom because I saw how she would smile widely when I gave it to her. I loved to make my mom smile, and I still do.

The day my sister turned 15 and was celebrating her “Quincenera” (sweet 15), I realized I was born to be an event stylist and floral designer. I remember my mother asking me what I thought we should do for the centerpieces. My heart was beating out of my chest with happiness because I knew what would make my sister’s special day perfect.  I had seen in a local florist shop a collection of ornate, baroque style ceramic vases, and I knew that we had to use them as centerpieces. As for flowers, my sister had always shown interest in tulips, so I picked out pink and white tulips and paired them with a nice curly willow to tie it all together. It was a very simple piece, but it was chic nonetheless. I loved all the compliments, I loved the smiles, and most of all, I loved the feeling of working with flowers.

 Every time I work on a new project, I think back of how happy my sister was on her sweet 15, and that is the same feeling I want you to have on the day of your event. From the moment you see the flower arrangements we put together for you, we want you to be mesmerized. You will instantly know you have made the right choice by hiring us.

My Promise/Commitment to You

My promise as a designer and founder of NPD Events is to help you achieve and create that memorable event that people will talk about for years to come. At NPD Events, we take our time to get to know you and to understand your vision. Your event becomes our intimate affair as we approach it with the mentality that you are a member of our family.

Getting to know our clients very well is extremely important to me. We like to initially meet our clients in an informal setting, such as a restaurant, where we can get to know each other. The clients we have worked with are still to this day a very large part of our lives. They are friends.