Green Gables Wedding Estate - Wedding Venue Near Orange County

The Perfect Venue for Your April Wedding

As your GPS guides you through the last mile to your destination, you may think you must have gotten the wrong address. You find yourself in a steely, industrial zone devoid of life and charm. However, just before hope is washed out by the glare of sun on dry concrete, you turn into Green Gables Wedding Estate (GGWE). As if by magic, you are transported into a fantasy garden that is so perfect that you will wish you would never have to leave. Aside from being one of our wedding planners’ top favorite wedding venues, Green Gables Wedding Estate is this month’s “Breathtaking Wedding Venue.”

A Hidden GEM South of Orange County

Green Gables Wedding Estate - Perfect venue for your April garden wedding, just a few miles south of Orange County

Our wedding planners at NPD Events are obsessed with this venue and love taking prospective brides and grooms to tour the grounds. Green Gables Wedding Estate is a turn-of-the-century historic landmark crowning a hill in San Marcos, California, just a few miles south of Orange County. The industrial desert crowding the foot of the hill is obscured by the lush greenery of the estate grounds, allowing guests to feel celebrity style privacy in the secluded, exclusive getaway. The grounds include lush English Gardens, a chiffon gathered tent pavilion, and a rose covered grand archway leading to a rustic schoolhouse dating back to 1889. As you look on the beautifully restored estate, you may feel a light breeze saturated with the scent of roses.

Love at First Sight

Green Gables Wedding Estate - Luxurious pavilion for your wedding reception

Knowing the history of the estate, we thought it would be perfect for one of our recent clients, a young couple from Irvine, California, who were on the search for that breathtaking wedding venue in the Orange County area. Our special event planners arranged a tour for the couple. We were met at the estate by Cristian, our GGWE tour guide. Our tour began at the luxurious pavilion. Immediately, our bride and groom were captivated. From every vantage point, there was something beautiful that put a twinkle in our clients’ eyes. They loved the five crystal chandeliers sparkling over the dance floor.  A prominent king’s table was being set up at the head of the pavilion for an event being held later that day. At the center of the table, baroque style chairs were placed for the bride and groom. These were back dropped with a rustic barn style façade accentuating the chiffon draped ceiling to floor pavilion. At the side of the pavilion, is the groom’s paradise—the bar, which is an authentic European style pub imported to California. GGWE has a BYOB policy, which allows events to customize the use of this classic, masculine space and the budget minded customer to save on the liquor bill.

Decisions, Decisions

Green Gables Wedding Estate: Quintessential ceremony space facing the beautiful, aromatic archway

The view from the pavilion overlooks the enchanting garden. We continued our tour from the pavilion to the quintessential ceremony space. You can line the chairs to face the beautiful, aromatic archway using the school house as a backdrop. Alternatively, you can orient the chairs in the opposite direction and enter the ceremony through the archway, being married in the center of a lovely gazebo framed by a huge oak tree. In either direction, the stage for your ceremony will be gorgeous.

Loving Memories Set Tone for Happily Ever After

Green Gables Wedding Estate - A rustic white swing hangs from a large branch

Our tour continued to the Bridal Parlor—a space designed to make brides ecstatic. The sumptuous feel of the baroque style furniture makes you feel like you’ve stepped into a set from Downtown Abbey. We spent some time luxuriating in the Bridal Parlor before moving on to the gardens. Strolling through the gardens of GGWE is a soothing experience. In the garden, a rustic swing painted white hangs from a large branch. It is made for jaw dropping wedding photos with a backdrop of twinkle lights and greenery. When we came across the swing, our bride told us the story of when she was a little girl, and her family went to a wedding that had a similar swing. She and her sister spent all night playing on that swing dreaming of their own fantasy weddings, and here it was in front of her. Venue booked!

Venue's Details Create a Memorable Wedding

Green Gables Wedding Estate - The Design Studio

The tour ended in the design studio. Imagine if you could step into the pages of bridal magazines to touch and feel all the beautiful elements before deciding which ones you want to use to style your wedding. That is what the GGWE design studio is like. Every detail of your wedding is planned here, and it has a gallery of candles, vases, tablecloths and beautiful bobbles for you to choose from to help you create your memorable event.




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