Wedding Colors for Orange County Brides Spring/Summer 2016

While most brides tend to stick to traditional colors such as black, white, silver and gold, there are a few bold brides that like to live life on the wild side. Lets talk about 5 bold wedding colors that we absolutely love for all of our spring and summer brides in 2016.

1. The Fiesta Wedding: Think red with a coral undertone

Pictured here are fiesta red daisies combined with viburnum, solidago and greenery 

Why we love it:

It's a fiery combination of colors that exudes passion and love (like your wedding). Bring all of the warmth and fun to your tables with this bright cheery color. This bold choice is certain to delight your guests. Pairs perfectly with silver, white, gold.

We used this color combination for a clients 60th birthday party celebration.

2. The Buttercup Wedding: Think Lemon

Pictured here are buttercup garden roses, tulips, craspedia, spray roses and dahlias

Why we love it:

This color is so daring and readily available in our lovely state. It’s a color that will bring a smile to your guests faces. Not to be overdone, you can create the perfect color palette for your spring or summer wedding by pairing the buttercup color with white, green, blue or silver.

We used this color combination for our clients wedding in Santa Ana. It met with rave reviews. 

3. The Serenity Wedding: Powder blue and silver wed into a perfect hue of blue

Pictured here are serenity colored hydrangeas, dusty miller, thistle and mason jars 

Why we love it:

Not only is this a calming color combination, but it’s also one of Pantones colors of the year!! It's cool in color and can be combined with any color palette imaginable. We love it with white, antique yellow, blush pink and silver.

Our client decided to use this color combination for a recent baby shower which provided a hint as to the gender of the baby.

4. Peach Echo Wedding: Not your typical peach cobbler

Pictured here are ranunculus, garden roses, lilies, thistle and an ombre style cake

Why we love it:

This color evokes warmth and accessibility. Not ready to commit to fiesta red for your spring or summer wedding? Try this color instead. This pop of color is sure to delight anyone who lays their pretty little eyes upon it. Pair it with white, blue, silver, yellow or green to give it a finished look.

Our client selected this color combination for her wedding because she was in love with sunsets.

5. Green Flash Wedding: Not exactly a Wicked color after all

Pictured here are green flash colored bells or Ireland, hydrangea, hanging amaranthus, green dianthus, carnations, ming fern and Queen Anne's Lace 

Why we love it:

It's everywhere. Literally. If you are steering towards a more organic wedding, this color is for you. Green is a calming color. Don't think the Hulk, think Utopia. Pair this with any color imaginable. For a more organic feel, keep the hues light and airy.

Our client is very in love with nature and wanted this green to reflect her free spirit for her wedding shower. She called us the day after the shower to tell us her guests were "floored" at how beautiful the floral presentation was.


Let us be the creative force behind your bold choices. You will find, like so many of our happy clients, that by placing your trust in NPD Events your special day will be one to remember for a lifetime.  Contact us by clicking on the tab above or call us at 949.379.0632. We look forward to working with you. 



All that Sparkles

Who doesn’t love a little bit of sparkle, especially when that sparkle comes from glittering gold?


The most sought after substance on earth has be used in decoration, jewelry, art, and fashion since we were first able to wrench the precious metal from the earth and mold it into our dreams, and so gold can be a beautiful accent to floral pieces. 

Recently a client asked us to create something special for her daughter’s graduation party, the guidance she gave us was casual chic using gold and hunter green. We had to be conscientious about the budget, so we decided to create our arrangements in mason jars. Mason jars are an inexpensive vase that can be used in a variety of ways to create looks ranging from high class elegance to causal chic. With a little imagination, unique creations can be made out of mason jars for birthday parties, casual dining or country weddings, among other things.


Here you can see how we fulfilled our client’s request. We took regular mason jars and covered them with a glittering gold. For the main floral element we used hydrangeas. In our previous blog post we wrote about how versatile hydrangeas are and how they can be paired with just about anything. Here we paired them with green dianthus, and then for a touch of rustic whimsicality we added the curly willow. To finish off our vision of an upscale centerpiece we added white ranunculus.


We wanted to add an extra personal touch to our beautiful centerpieces and so we asked our client to have family members write down thoughts and well wishes for the grad. We added them to the pieces with a hint of craftsman paper and some hunter green ribbon, capturing elegance and rustic charm. Our delighted client called them a masterpiece.


Let us put your thoughts and dreams together to create beautiful designs for your next event by using the contact link above.

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Symbolism of Flowers

Floriography is the language of flowers.

A red rose for example is commonly recognized as a symbol of love, and flowers are regularly used to convey gratitude, love and affection. The gift of a bouquet of flowers can beautify a space and fill a room with a scent that has the power to evoke the feelings symbolized in its gift.

The tradition of using flowers as symbols in personal communication, art and literature can be found throughout recorded history. In the Victorian Era floriography was elevated to an ultra-romantic language, replacing words with flowers in lovers’ flirtation. Though familiarity with the nuances of floriographic reference have waned since the height of Victorian romance, there are still great contemporary examples of floriography. Kate Middleton used a mixture of Lily of the Valley and Sweet William in her wedding bouquet. Lily of the Valley signifies, return to happiness, purity, and humility and Sweet William signifies gallantry and perfection. These were chosen as symbols to honor her husband to be.

Most people are swayed by the look and feel of a flower rather than the meaning behind it. Although aesthetics are critically important in any event, we embrace the florigraphic traditions of the past. We love to work with clients to choose the type of flower and color palette that will create arrangements that are both aesthetically pleasing and full of meaning. After all, your event should be a clear reflection of who you are and how you feel.

Here are the floriographic interpretations of ten popular flowers to help inspire your dreams.

Rose: love, togetherness, unity, eternal love, innocence, heaven, perfect happiness, beauty

Roses are an all star in the event world, with more then three thousand varieties. You are sure to find one to suit your taste and style. Roses have been used as a symbol for beauty, emotion, passion and true love throughout the ages.

Hydrangea: friendship, devotion and understanding

In the Victorian language of flowers the hydrangea represented vanity, but has since been reformed into a more sympathetic symbol. This is one of the most commonly used flowers in centerpieces. It is a very versatile flower in that it gives height and weight to any arrangement . You can find the hydrangea in white, green, pink, burgundy and blue.

Peony: romance, prosperity, good fortune and a happy marriage

If you are scent sensitive, these fragrant flowers may not be for you. They have quickly become a staple due to their soft, fluffy petals. They tend to be a bit more pricey but the size helps fill in a bouquet or centerpiece nicely.

Anemone: love, anticipation, or good luck

Anemones are commonly used in modern floral designs. These flowers feature a dark center and a lighter petal. They are whimsical flowers that make a soft but striking statement. They pair beautifully with peonies, ranunculus and hydrangeas.

Orchid: virility, refinement, humility

These delicate flowers are available in several varieties. In the Victorian era, orchids symbolized luxury. Only the rich were able to afford these beautiful, delicate flowers. Orchids can be gorgeous in full arrangements or in single stems for minimalist sensibilities.

Carnation: love, admiration, mothers undying love, luck

These very sturdy flowers are one to love or hate. Making a comeback into the high end floral world, they come in a variety of colors and in the right arrangement can be quite elegant. They have a ruffled texture that can give a vintage feel to any centerpiece when paired with roses.

Ranunculus: attraction, radiance, charm

Most commonly used as an alternative to roses or peonies, this multi-petaled flower holds her own. To carry this flower in your bouquet is to tell your partner, "I am dazzled by your charm".  These whimsical flowers come in a variety of colors such as, white, yellow, orange, pink, red.

Babies Breath: everlasting love, pureness and innocence

An abundance of this flower in a centerpiece will turn your event into a very chic affair without breaking the bank. Babies Breath are light and airy with little to no scent.

Daisy: purity, innocence, loyal love, beauty, patience, simplicity

This very traditional flower comes in many varieties and colors. The most commonly used type is the white and yellow daisy. This low maintenance flower is perfect for rustic or vintage themed events.

Succulents: good luck, prosperity and friendship

These low maintenance plants were once only associated with western themed events, but have recently emerged as an unexpected alternative for stylish chic gatherings. They add texture and color variations to create the most fashionable centerpieces. Succulents are very durable plants that are available yearly.

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The Novelty of Carnations.

Prejudice and preconceptions can be an impediment to finding love and beauty.

When we were very young the only flowers we could afford for our mothers were carnations. The frustration of youth and poverty blinded us to our mothers’ pleasure in receiving this simple gift. Instead of being a symbol of love and nostalgia, carnations became, for us, a symbol of poverty. We saw them as cheap, low quality flowers but nonetheless the only flower we could afford. When we started our business, we vowed never to use carnations in any of our designs.

Our prejudice against the carnation was broken unexpectedly when we stumbled upon a YouTube video of a modern, upscale wedding overflowing with carnations. The gorgeous bride glided down the aisle with grace and sophistication holding a bouquet of the flower we had so utterly dismissed. These were not the typical white and red flowers that came to mind when we thought of carnations. These were warm tones that brought to mind a crisp fall morning. They looked so elegant and refined.

Free from the myopic view of our preconceptions we were able to discover varieties of carnations that had always escaped our notice. There are varieties called Antique Beauty Tone Novelty Carnations which range in color from champagne to blush pinks. These flowers could set the perfect tone for a rustic, chic wedding. The subtle color variations could add beauty and texture to any setting. They work well with gold color palettes, and they also pair perfectly with the Sahara Rose or the Camel Antique Garden Rose.

Our new found appreciation for carnations has allowed us to reconnect with all the love the flower should have represented in the simple gift from child to mother. We look forward to pouring that feeling into beautiful arrangements for our clients.

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