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Adriane & Ahmi

What I loved about working with Carlos and Nayra... to begin with... everything!  Carlos and Nayra have an unbelievable talent, vision, design aesthetic, degree of professionalism, and contagious personalities that are fun, hilarious, and kind.  These two are the most genuine people you will meet in preparing your wedding; they truly care about their clients with start to finish execution that is flawless.  

As I started to interview and meet with multiple florists, in my own planning, when I met with Carlos and Nayra, within minutes I knew it was "love at first floral discussion," and we were meant to be!  For our wedding, the floral design was one of the most important aspects.  My husband and I imagined striking floral arches, a strict minimal color palette, low metal lily pad centerpieces (see attached) with white candles everywhere.  The design and vision is what truly brings life to an event, and that was what I was looking for in our wedding. We explained the key elements of our initial ideas, but we needed someone to execute the vision and make it their own.  Throughout the discussions with Carlos and Nayra, they listened to our ideas, built an incredible strategy, and put all these pieces of our wedding together seamlessly.  

When I entered our wedding, I was speechless! It was incredible to witness everything we had imagined come to life.  Carlos and Nayra exceeded every expectation! To say that they went above and beyond, is a complete understatement.  Throughout our time working together, they were always super responsive (communication is a huge thing for me and the very definition of professionalism), helped build and expand our vision, brought so many unique elements to our wedding we never even imagined, and have been such amazing people to work with!

Today, I don't look at Carlos and Nayra as just a wedding vendor; we have built an amazing friendship that I am so grateful for.  If you are putting together your event, reach out to these two immediately as their calendar is filling up, and they are truly a diamond in the rough talent in the wedding business.  Carlos and Nayra, thank you, THANK YOU for being a part of our event, and making our wedding the most beautiful day of our lives!